Greenstone Services trading as J-sec is one of the most respected, reliable security & crowd control specialists in Victoria, offering Hospitality, Building and Commercial Security.

Hospitality: J -sec delivers multi skilled security to many RSL Victoria and Pubco Group venues, The security perform a multitude of duties including concierge, crowd/excess control, bus driving and gaming licenced duties. J-sec also provides crowd controllers to many major events including Country Racing Victoria and various Mornington peninsula major events

Building and Commercial: J-sec provides security guards and mobile patrols protecting many house/building and commercial sites across Victoria. The security https://anchor.fm/lorad/episodes/Mr–green-in-Canada-eiks7u are fully inducted into standard operation procedures and send 30 minute live reports via web page. Security also sign on/off via GPS.  

We ensure a results-oriented approach with quality trained security.

For more information read “About Us” or contact us via the link.  

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About Us

Our Approach

A security partnership needs to be more than personnel resources. At Greenstone Services trading as J-Sec, we partner with our clients to deliver value every day, all day. Our clients tell us that our quality-based, results-oriented approach is what makes us one of the top private security companies. What’s at the core of our success? It’s a blend of quality employee engagement programs, an industry-leading learning and development philosophy, and a dedication to understanding our clients and their business and customising a security solution that will help them achieve their goals. All of this is supported and facilitated by state-of-the-art technology, as well as a national and local management presence

The professionals who manage security programs for J-Sec clients are the front line for incident response, investigations and risk mitigation. J-Sec account management helps to ensure a safe and stable security environment for our clients and their employees, tenants and visitors. These are empowered managers who have a great sense of pride and ownership in their responsibilities and strive to exceed client expectations. Whether your security program requires dedicated, on-site management through an Account Manager or support through J-Sec unique Client Value Management model, you will experience consistency, transparency and accountability in all of your security operations.

At J-Sec our employees are our “biggest assets.” We strive every day to empower them to be the very best they can be, so they in turn, perform at the highest level. The result of our philosophy is a low security officer/crowd controller turnover rate, which allows us to supply our customers with a higher overall level of service and a consistent security officer/crowd controller staff. J-Sec is committed to being the employer of choice in the security industry. We offer a vast array of industry-best benefits so that we can attract and retain the finest people.

Attracting quality people is a critical component to providing quality security officer / crowd controller services. We offer competitive wages and benefits in order to attract and retain the best people. A successful security program is directly related to the quality of its employees. Our comprehensive approach to screening and hiring helps ensure we employ only the best-qualified people.

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