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Central government led by PM Narendra Modi has done Digital Strike 2 on China. In this article, we will tell you about the List of 118 Chinese Apps Banned in India. Ministry of Information & Technology on 2 September has banned 118 more mobile applications. This banned app list also comprises of names of popular games such as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds , Ludo World, APUS launcher, Lamour, LivU, Wechat work among others. With the 118 new Chinese apps banned by India, the Smart AppLock total has grown to 224 after bans in June and July. Recently, the MeitY issued a list of 118 application, which includes several popular Chinese apps & games.

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The user can secure various apps with the PIN number or pattern provided by Applock. Other Chinese apps in the banned list were Club Factory, SHAREit, Likee, Mi Video Call , Weibo, Baidu, BIGO LIVE and more. In July, the government barred 47 Chinese apps from operating in the country, which were largely clones of the 59 apps that were banned in June. The ministry banned these apps based on reports received from the Indian Cyber Crime Co-ordination Centre, Ministry of Home Affairs. New Delhi, Nov 24 (UITV/IANS) Continuing with its ban orders on Chinese apps, the Indian government on Tuesday blocked 43 new mobile apps, including shopping website AliExpress owned by e-commerce behemoth Alibaba.

You will need to stop the AppLock process, Find AppLock from the Process Stats list and after finding tap on it. First app in the Windows Phone Store that provides PATTERN LOCK to your apps. But if you ask me to specify the recommendation to remove your confusion, I don’t like to suggest a particular app as most of them share the same names.

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Talking about Likee and Kwai, both of the apps have Chinese roots and are known forhosting inappropriate contenton their platform. Many Chinese firms, including Xiaomi and ByteDance, count India as one of their largest markets. The TikTok app has amassed more than 200 million users in India, for instance. Xiaomi, which leads the Indian smartphone market, is quickly building a portfolio of services for users in India. It launched a lending app in the country earlier this month.

  • According to the Government, the 118 mobile apps including PUBG MOBILE are prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, and security of State and public order.
  • And now the app works without root permissions, which is great.
  • There has been a strong chorus in the public space to take strict action against Apps that harm India’s sovereignty as well as the privacy of our citizens.
  • Whatever app you love to keep locked is now a matter of a minute.
  • Beauty Plus and YouCam Perfect are two infamous photo editing apps from Chinese developers.
  • The best of journalism is shrinking, yielding to crude prime-time spectacle.

TikTok, UC, and 59 other Chinese appswere banned amid Indo-China border tensions and privacy concerns. This move has been welcomed by lots of startup owners and business leaders in India. According to them, the ban will help the Indian businesses to establish better in the GDS alternatives to the Chinese apps which have been banned.

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The ancient inspired writers were dealing with facts and figures well known to them and to the Jewish people then, and the different chronological JW Library viewpoints adopted by the writers at certain points presented no problem. Such is not the case today, and hence we may be satisfied with simply setting out an arrangement that harmonizes reasonably with the Biblical record. What, then, is the Biblical basis and, in some cases, the secular history supporting such chronology? We here give further details showing how each of the time periods listed is determined.

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  • This feature does not share specific playlist items within a playlist.
  • These invoke a JavaScript action when the user does something in the form, like clicking a button.
  • The frequency is set to 60hz, it is because our mains line depending on location/country is either 50Hz or 60Hz.
  • These figures differ from those found in the Greek Septuagint, but the evidence for accuracy clearly favors the Masoretic text.
  • I have always been very interested in my family’s past and I remember my father telling me as a child.
  • Family Tree DNA has the most reliable database for Sephardic trees and is the preferred site by those of us who research anusim ancestry.
  • Miller and his team continued to develop organofluorine chemistry after the end of World War II and methoxyflurane was made in 1948.

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